My first successful (sort of) carve

So it took just over 2 days to build my 1000mm x-carve (not solid days either). I started my first job and low and behold about 30% of the way through, all power to the machine stops. My heart stopped also. All I could think of was… I didn’t do the power to the motors right and I just fried everything.

Then to my excitement, realized that I had forgotten that the power strip I was plugged into, had a weak breaker, and pops at the slightest stress.

I changed it out… and “thought” the carve would just pick up where it left off… but we missed a few lines of code… I stopped flipped the board and restarted. IN my hurry never checked to see if the design would fit on he remaining board… we are still saying success because it’s awesome everywhere but where it double carved from the power failure. At least I used a wasteboard, waste board lol.


Great start! Is that poplar ply?

THANK YOU! Not sure about the wood… it’s a craft plywood we get wholesale, same as what you find in Hobby Lobby. I just told Easle that it was birch plywood, and used a .125 bit.

Nothing wrong with that as a first attempt!

I have made alot of firewood out of scrap wood just figureing things out.

Yesterday I had my wife at the computer pushing buttons just getting her feet wet with the XC

Needless to say, my hand was never too far from the "OH SH*T! " switch. Had to use it a couple of times too!
Good times, Seriously!

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That looks really good! Nice start!

Haha, I know that feeling. Since I started a few months ago I often joke that I am best at turning perfectly good pieces of wood into much smaller pieces of kindling.


Looks awesome!

woa ! realy nice start !!!