My home location seems to be moving midway through cutting, curious why?

I’m trying out my new cnc I bought off Amazon, and using easel pro. Around 25% of the way through the detail cut, the Y axis shifts down around 1/2 inch from its original homing point. Is this a hardware or software issue? I’m brand new to this and any advice would be greatly Appreciated :grin:

I suspect the Y-axis stepper motor stalled for a second and lost steps => positional shift.
Lost steps usually come from cutting forces/mechanical friction is too high for the stepper to overcome.

That makes complete sence. It was a lot of cutting and fairly hard wood. Thanks :grin:

Basically you need to learn your machine as no machine is indentical :slight_smile:

Start by reducing the depth per pass and work yourself up from there. RPM/feed rate have a wider envelope, but depth doesnt.

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