My homemade 1000mm wasteboard

i know this is an old topic, but I though I would add my process. so with a bunch of research i opted to print out an actual size of the technical drawing of the wasteboard. my x carve 1000mm parts will arrive this week, i wanted to get a jump start on making a wasteboard. i went to officemax and had them download the technical drawing and cut it down to the edge of the board drawing in photoshop, then i had them resize it to 940mm X 988mm the exact size of the wasteboard. ( it was only $4.90 just tell them you want it blueprint quality) i went home and cut it out and using light spray adhesive glued it to the pre cut 3/4" MDF. I went through with a center punch and made a punch in the center of every hole… drilled them all out with a small drill bit then moved up to a 5/16th drill bit. here’s where im at with it so far. I will post more pictures as I build the machine.


I dont have a CNC. Thinking of buying one.

But isn’t this something you could do with the CNC itself? Put the mdf on CNC and engrave lines and drill wholes? Is that not possible?

I would change out the metric inserts to 1/4 20. The ones I use the most are stripped out after about 8 months. Plus the m5 screws are expensive, you can have an assortment of 1/4 for the price of a few m5.

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Here it is in video form;

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Thats what I did for my wasteboard. However you cannot do the recesses around the side for attachment to the framing this has to be done by hand.

For the clamping screws I just put the largest size drill bit into my collect on the spindle and manually jogged the head to the positions and set it to drill by jogging it down In my case I had to go back over again with a larger drill bit as my collect would not take a 6MM drill bit but that is just a simple run back over them again with the larger bit in a hand drill.
Works great and means all the holes are correctly aligned.

I did add 4 holes manually in each corner outside of the cuttable area though which of course cannot be done by the machine.

Also definitely do the drilling with a drill bit. A milling bit will take ages by comparison.

For reference I posted my workspace here X-Carve Workspace Showcase which shows the wasteboard

Yes I believe the outside area recesses are made with a 1/2" Forstner bit.

I figured I would be making several wasteboard so I 3D printed a jig to us with the router to speed cutting the edge slots. See the Fusion 360 model below.

edge_template v1.f3d (61.7 KB)

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Do you happen to have a file for the fullsize template? I was planning on doing the same thing, I currently have about half the parts and already bought the mdf.