My machine went crazy at the end of the carve!

It carved perfectly for many hours then just destroyed the last two corners without anything being touch or changed. Each corner has a simple single letter using a font from easel pro. The top right corner is mutilated. And the bottom right corner is off center and hanging out of the work space. I thought perhaps the wheels might be too tire causing it to get stuck. However when jogging the machine after canceling the carve it moved around just fine. Can anyone figure out what could have gone wrong?

Any chance your dust shoe caught up on a clamp?
I feel your pain…looks good otherwise.
Maybe replace the corners with some carved black walnut or just a contrasting color depending on your finishing plan.

I would have to jog the machine over to the top corner and see if that was it. On the bottom only the brushes go over the clips and isnt enough to stop it.

The yellow one looks guilty.

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I just checked and the dust collection was clearing the clamp other then the bottom of the brush. This sign is going to end up painted anyway so I can carve a couple squares and replace the corners in a glue up. I would just like to know what went wrong so I don’t repeat it.