My new controller build (inspired by Phils Deamon) and many other upgrades

I have just about finished accumulating all my latest upgrade parts and figured it was time to start my own thread for some show and tell as well as Q&A because it would be easier to keep it here in one place than multiple posts or hijacking other topics to ask questions. I am starting this thread off with a quick question relating to a controller build that I wanted more than one persons feedback on. I have a computer friend offering to give me a computer battery backup for my build saying it will regulate the voltage and filter out noise. Would adding this in line be beneficial or a bad idea or not make any difference one way or the other and just add bulk to my machine for no reason? Later tonight when I get a minute to sit down and devote more time to this post I will add some pics and upgrade plans of where I am at. Wanted to get some feedback on the battery backup before my friend stops by tomorrow so I can tell him if I want it. He wants to barter with it so I want to make sure if I should grab it or not. Thanks in advance

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True, it would help do those things, but you must make sure the UPS can handle the output load or there will be issues. We see this often when folks plug laser printers into their UPS units at work. So the current and amp draw will need to be known and compared to the UPS output. Hope this helps.

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A lot of your decision would have to do with your setup. For the computer/controller I would highly suggest a UPS with AVR ( If you are using a DC spindle @DanMurray is correct, select one large enough to handle the power draw of your entire system for 10 minutes. If you are using a router for a spindle, I wouldn’t connect it to the battery side of the UPS (surge only side would be ok). Then the biggest concern would be having the controller halt the job automatically before the bit breaks.

Everything ordered and on its way… Wide maker rail upgrade, new drag chain upgrade with support rail, extra waste board frame stiffening, lifted Y plates and touch plate from charlie, CNC newbies Linear Z, upgraded belts, bigger motors with controllers, New controller build planned. Breaking the entire machine down and rebuilding from the ground up this time with locktite and paying more attention to being square since the first time I was in too much of a hurry to play with my new toy. The fun all begins once it gets too cold outside to play in the garage. Then I take over the dining room table till its all done :slight_smile:


R u single, or just married to a great wife? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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She doesn’t know about the upgrade costs shhhhhh… I am more concerned with how long I can take over the dining room table before she is ready to throw me out lol. I have had to intercept some packages before she gets home to avoid interrogation. She loves the machine when I make things for her or her friends but complains when im out there playing all night on my projects. In my defense this round of upgrades has been paid for by the machine the last few months although I still have not made back my original investment but eventually I will get there if I can stop finding things to upgrade :slight_smile:


The X-Carve can be a harsh mistress! :moneybag:

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I don’t know which one is more expensive to maintain anymore these days

going to have lots of questions when it comes to dip switches and variables that need to be changed for linear Z im sure

I still need this even with shielded switch wires right?

Never had a problem unshielded but ordered shielded for the rebuild and also got the capacitors and screw shield for doing it like yours

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Shielded cable needs to be bonded (grounded) on one end (or the middle). Otherwise, it’s just equivalent to unshielded cable.

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Im almost always home before my wife to intercept packages and of course you would know the one day I meet her for dinner after work we both come home after at the same time to a porch full of boxes. Granted one was parts for a customer but I got the “what the hell did you buy now?” from her lol. Talk about bad timing. Let’s hope it’s not followed up with a “how much did you spend?”

That’s what the lawyer said! :wink:

I was doing some research into a cleaner source of power for my 3d printer and saw this, i’m not 100% sure it’s what you are after but I thought I would throw it out there. It is a surge protector and an isolator.

I might reccomend this:

Which actually filters noise.

Good call!

This will not filter power as it contains MOV’s.


Metal oxide varistor. They divert the voltage, not filter it.

A (battery) UPS or the APC unit that DamnitJim linked to (good for up to 12 amps) will filter.

As mentioned if a UPS is used, then you’ll need to know the load size first.

A good UPS is much preferred as it can deliver a pure sine wave.