My new controller build (inspired by Phils Deamon) and many other upgrades

Thanks to @alvingm and his 3D printer (wife said a couple parts for my CNC was not enough reason to buy my own printer) I now have my new laser mount designed by @PhilJohnson and new 9mm belt clips designed by @ErikJenkins. Now I believe I have everything I need to complete my upgrades when I tear the machine down and rebuild it.


They are actually the pictures he sent me. I held it up to mine and lined up great. he said he printed the thicker version. I can take more pics if need be. wasn’t planning on taking all the laser electronics off the top of my machine till I break it all down since I have everything so tightly packed in the drag chain.

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I even ordered the new drag chain upgrade because it looked bigger and I am thinking I may have to cut mine open to get things out with how tight I packed it all in there when an added the d ewalt and jtech. I literally had to silicone wires to get them to pull through lol

That and I wanted the new support bar for the chain lol

@PhilJohnson , sure! You can use the pic I sent to Ryan. The bracket actually snaps perfectly.

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Took over the dining room table tonight… let the madness begin! Actually more like let it continue out of the cold garage and in the warm house lol



Already hit my first bump… it would seem either the wrong motors or the wrong pulleys were sent to me and ordered months ago so no way of getting it resolved guess I have to find the correct 9mm pulleys for these now…

I ordered the 1/4 but like an idiot waited to upgrade and now I’m stuck with these. Will there be any other issue other than needing pulleys that fit?

They measure about 3/8 which is about 9.5mm. Not sure where I went wrong but now I have to figure out where to go from here

It does say 8 on the sheet in the box

Just realized my linear Z is also 1/4 looking like I’m going to need new motors…

Ok just checked the linear Z and apparently I did realize it was 8mm when ordering so I ordered just the wrong pulleys. Looked all this up months ago and no clue what or why I did whatever I did but found the new pulleys only thing I’m not sure of is how many teeth it was now. 20 teeth what I need? Will the 8mm change anything else in my setup?

20 teeth correct?

Yea 20 should work fine unless the outer diameter is too large. Might want to check that.

Your number of teeth would just set your theoretical steps/mm.

The Xcarve has 20 teeth with a 2mm pitch so 40 mm per rev. At 1600 steps per rev at 8X microstepping, divide 1600 by 40 and you get 40 steps/mm.

If you are doing 3mm pitch, the math changes so your theoretical steps/mm would be 26.667 steps/mm.

Apparently not a common size pulley so only option seems to be china. Did a search found this place searched feed back on them and other forums said they had good experience with them so I gave them a try. Just have to wait 15-60 days because I wasn’t about to pay $30 instead of $13 total for 15 day. hopefully no more than a month wait. $3 shipping on the slow boat from china (ordered a couple spares just in case)

Those have either a 5mm, 6.35mm or 8mm bore, they will not fit a 3/8" shaft.

The diagram in the stepper motor box I posted a pic of above says 8 I’m assuming 8mm. Hard to get an accurate measurement with a cheap tape measure. The cncnewbies coupler fits it and that is 8mm to 1/4 For the linear so I should be good to go with these whever they get here.

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Was searching my garage for mine but gave up grabbed a harbor freight freebee tape measure

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Should be right next to the 22/64"

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Ok turns out the linear Z coupler is 8mm to 1/4 but the shaft is 8mm so I defiantly had planned for 1/4 shafts. Time to order a new 8mm to 8mm coupler. On the progress side of things at least I got the waste board reinforcements done tonight.

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