My new xcarve won't connect to set up

I have assembled everything and ready to set up. Followed directions and xcarve doesn’t seem to connect. I noticed the fan runs on the controller but little green power light isn’t on on front of xcontroller…help…

Check your e-stop button to see if it is engaged.

I did, still no green light, I’m at a loss

Sometimes the connections don’t get seated right. Make sure they are seated properly. Double check the wiring. The e stop is the most common so that is why I suggested it.

I believe it is connection on estop, bypassed and got the green light, going to put new ends on and hope for the best, thanks for taking the time to assist

You are welcome. Glad you gained some headway. Now I remember, there is a few threads talking about bad connectors.

Yep there’s quite a few threads recently where the crimps on the estop wiring are bad, sounds like you’ve got that issue