My new Z axis

I received this nice Z axis last week, it’s for my second cnc. Wow it’s really more heavy duty than my first one from newbie.
The screw pitch is the same but 10mm diameter VS 8mm for my newbie slide, 4" wide VS 3" and 3/8" thick back plate VS 1/4". The finish is really good, chamfer everywhere!! I mounted it this morning and it’s rock solid and it give weight, it mean for my application less chatters!! I like it!! It come ready to mount with all the screws.

Sweet. Look’s super solid.

Wow I was able to do one of my carve ±25% faster with this Z axis! Like it!

I made my own a while back and the speed increase (Z rapid and acceleration values) increased a lot.
This will serious cut down time for 3D carving.