My project is so simple that i don't understand it

I am attempting to carve a board to organize my bits, I thought it would be as simple as using the shape to to get a circle, sizing the circle to .252" and placing the circle where I want in on the work peice, but when I do a series of circles the same way and attempt to carve a message comes up that there is nothing to carve with the current settings.
What am i doing wrong?

Hi there. Can you forward a copy of your project so that we can inspect your cut settings, your bit size and type etc.

Make your project shareable so that we can open it on our pc.

The problem was the bit size was .25 and the circles were .252. but even when I changes each circle to .260 it did cut but the holes are to small for the bits that mic to .250
I am using a 1/4" upcut 2 flute bit. not sure how to share my project yet, one days experience.
I will adjust my settings and try again this evening.

Select your circles and the lego button on the left and use the APP called “convert Circels to Drill Holes” and that will change your circles into plunge drill movements. . . Otherwise the sizes need to be even larger for the 0.25" endmill to fit into the circle due to the way easel rounds numerical values off (or more technically accurate, the way Easel converts circles to segmented polygons)

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Thank you, i figured i was doing it the hard way as is often the case.

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