My projects

I will start with this one which was made off the cnc but the back was carved on it. I thought maybe this would give someone an idea on what to make. This is the first of many project i will post and maybe the group here can enjoy and make this a happier place.


That looks amazing!

Glad you like it. It is a wedding bench for outside use.

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There you go, AWESOME!!!

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That is a really neat idea, and creation. Well Done!

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Thanks Brianhoelscher`.

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My next project was someone wanted a 7 day egg rack. Don’t ask me why you would set something on the counter and put eggs in it but it is done. Everything but the straight edges was done on the xcarve. The pockets for the dividers and the pocket for the botton and radiuses and the engraving. First time i ever made anything like this but it turned out pretty well. They wanted a bit of rustic look to it.



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@WayneHall - Not so important for this, but most of the world doesn’t refrigerate their eggs. I assume you’re also in the US, where the USDA requires egg washers. In Europe, egg washing is illegal. When you wash the egg, you wash away the egg’s natural defenses against pathogens. After all, birds in the wild don’t refrigerate their eggs. Is washing helpful? I’ve read articles that say its better and others that say its worse.

Not sure we buy eggs alread cold and that is the way we keep them. I had chickens years ago but i am not sure how we kept the egs then. I am sure back in the day they were not kept cold now it is some sort of a germ thing.