My Setup, first CNC

Hi Guys,
I just wanted to share my setup. I’m pretty much done, just missing the limit switches (cause im lazy).
I can plug my vacum straight to the box, all the electronics are under the shelf protected from dust, etc.
Next step is the sound dampening foam and an enclosure for a 2.5 gal shopvac, completely silent.

Hope you like it!


Nice! Details on that dust shoe? :wink: I’ve been working on a version where the hose attaches behind the X axis for better visibility.

Those 4 pin connectors to port through to the electronics box… so clean :grin:

Hey Tony,
I copied the idea from someone else here on the forum. I can share my fusion 360 files if you want them.

@NathanButler i like to keep things clean :smile:

Added some lighting:

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