My sound proof box

My sound proof box attempt. 90% finished. run it at night in my apartment complex with no problems.

Sidenote: The crunching in the beginning is me walking over trash lol

2” Roxul rockboard wool insulation. $75 Amazon
80mil dynomat, Wrapped inside and out. $180 Amazon
Wood ~$80 Lowe’s
Misc $30

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Videos wouldn’t load…

Really expensive for that type of insulation, but the big box stores force you to buy a huge amount of it at once.

they’re quicktime .mov files… I got only audio in Firefox, under W10, but they do show in Edge… not sure if that’s because Edge has access to codecs that FF doesn’t, or if it’s because of other Edge madness like maybe having an unremoveable quicktime plugin (after all they built unremoveable Flash support into it)

How have you addressed heat build-up?

Hey I’m going to mount some fans inside the box, and one for the electronics

Circulating the contained (warm) air?
You’d want to extract the warm air.

This principle is cheap and easy to do, and for the effort work well:

Sound is the ordered movement of atoms and molecules, in rapid waving patterns.

You may not be aware of this but the rockboard you’re using will generate its own heat.

Anytime you take sound energy and try to absorb or dissipate it - it’s given off as heat conversion.

Plus, the Dynomat you picked out is also designed to keep the heat inside your box, making the heat harder to get rid of.

Without a place for the heated air to escape, and cooler air to be drawn in, adding fans just makes your box (literally) a convection oven.

We have plans to vent air from the outside. One pushing fan and one pulling fan.