My Spindal won't stop! (3018 CNC)

Hi all,

I’m a noob in comparison so get you’re laughs out now lol.

My carves are fine with the normal cock ups and my spindle goes to the home position at the end of a carve but the spindle keeps on going and going… and I have to manually stop it each time.
Anyone got any ideas and what is the code for stop if I have to manually add it to each code?

Cheers in advance


What kind of router and what kind of controller?

If its the Xcontroller and Dewalt611 then you need an IOT Relay to control router ON/OFF.

3018 with grbl

M5 should stop it.
Can you share your gcode?

There seems to be an M5 at the bottom already.

Name Plate (256.7 KB)