My sweety cnc router

Im using mastercam to program my ,mysweety 3018 cnc router. I manipulate the code to run on my cnc just fine, but when i use multiple tools i put a g0x0y0 and m5 to stop spindle and a m00 to pause program. Change tool and hit start and it wont go. Is there a way or a gcode i. Need to use for restart or do i just have to use 3 differant programs for 3 differant tools?

Grbl doesnt support tool changes like that.
Youd need to save each tool as a seperate file. Then when you install the 2nd bit you can also set z for it…

the main problem with swapping during a pause is the z zero cant be adjusted for the 2nd bit…

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Grbl should be OK with an M5 and M0 according to this. The M5 will go to default, which I guess is your initial speed? I just turn my router off manually, but when I do bit changes within a program, I automatically manually set the Z depth to the material. The last time I ran my program with multiple sections ( I have a new x controller since I wrote the program and I’m using the newest version of UGS) I’ve noticed that I had to hit start a few times in places where I had M0’s. I hadn’t run the program lately, so it just caught me off guard. grbl/ at master · gnea/grbl · GitHub

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