My swimming pool for cutting aluminium

Hi all

I was tired from cleaning aluminium chips whole over the shop.
Also the waste board didn’t like the cooling stuff again and again.
My wastboard is MR MDF black but after some time it was wet.

So i make a swimming pool for cutting alu.

See pictures.

Grtz Koen



What kind of things do you make out of aluminum?

Hi Jason

Thx :grinning:

What I make… everything I need on that moment. Now Im collecting all parts for build off 80/100w co2 laser from openbuilds. Today I make all the gantry plates and laser mirror supports etc
But a second hobby, Im a huge fan off Land Rover. Im building for the kids an electric one. Take a look on TOYLANDER.

I have a metal lathe(non cnc) and the cnc router table so I can build most of the stuff I need.

Grtz Koen

Whoa! Those Toylanders are awesome! I want one for myself!