My take on an Xbox 360 pendant for the x-carve

Hey guys, I built my x-cave a few weeks ago. I saw the Xbox 360 pendant and wanted to have one. I also wanted it to do more. Mine will control X,Y,Z plus it will open the machine control panel, adjust the step interval and show tool paths.
I show in the video the software and process of how I did this.

I’m pretty new here so if this is redundant I’m sorry but I just wanted to give back to the forum. I used the forum to avoid many mistakes during my build.

A quick introduction. My name is Steve Good. I write a blog called the Scrollsaw Workshop. I design pattern for the scroll saw which I provide to our community for free. I have several hundred free patterns. I hope to make those pattern more easily available to this community. I’m still in the learning process but I have been successful using my designs on the x-carve. I’m in the process of working through the details. Here is the link to my catalog. All the patterns are in pdf format but the pattern pages are vectors and can be converted to svg using inkscape.
Video Link


Awesome is all I can say. I was wondering how to do this in Universal Gcode Sender and I think you hit the nail on the head with the macro recording software. Can’t wait to get out to the shop and try it.

Great Video and Thanks a ton.

Steve, I went to AutoHotkey site and downloaded a file but it didn’t give me a GUI like yours where you can record keystrokes, Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Hi David, you need the older version. They removed the script recorder in the new version. Go to this link and get the 1.1 or 1.0 version

You may also need the instruction to show the syntax of the language. There are also other YouTube videos that show how to use the script recorder. If there is enough interest I’ll do a detailed video showing more info.

Got it and works great. I think a detailed video would move other folks in this direction.

Great Job and thanks for the help.

Hey Steve, love your videos! Yes a detailed video would be great! I did watch your video on the xbox mod but am not that great on programming. Keep up the great work!!


Just so everyone knows, You don’t have to use an X-BOX controller, I have tried and used 2 USB game pads that are about 10 bucks. As long as the drivers load into windows it works and programs in XPADDER. Heck, you might just be able to use a joystick :slight_smile:

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