My test carve of is backwards

My test carve is backwards it look good on the screen, But when carved its backwards, I’m learning on a 3018, yesterday i carved a few things and it was all good, but all day today its carving backwards, i might have did something woung,

Your X-axis is reversed.

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no it was working good, i had a problem with getting a start point, but after that it crave good, then all of a sudden it was craving backwards, backwards i mean if i look at it a miror it looks good, i have a 3018 pro to learn off, i’m ok with the cravewright, i had them for a few years

Unless your mirror image is in the design file/gcode then you have wiring issues.
Either you have one axis reversed or the offending axis stepper motor have one loose contact.
Each stepper have 4 wires, if one is faulty it will work as normal but without directional control.

Time to troubeshoot :slight_smile:


i think I got I looked at what saved $3=2 some how I changed $3=0 so I changed it back $3=2 and it doing right