My troubles with the X-carve

I used donorschoose to get a x-carve for my Classroom. I received funding over last summer just before the new Xcontroiller so we missed out on that. We have Gshield setup, and the machine was shipped shortly after the start of the school year. My electronics class put the machine together ( me double checking) and we tested the machine. It worked well, but the problems began. It start with having to reinstall the driver every time a student logged in, Every time students turn on the machine the power supply might move pulls out stepper cables, which means pulling out the gshield that is a pain to get back in. our belts also slip, he had to zip tie them which means you lose some of the usable work are. I hope to work some of these issues out, any help or suggestions I would be grateful.

All of these issues are known and fixes are in the forums. Just search for them.
For the belts I used a contact cement then put heat shrink over it. That keept it in place and yes you will have to cut it off when you need to replace the entire belt.
Just search for the build and alighment and you will get it running good.

They’re cheap and they work. It solves belt issues, that’s what I did.

You may want to look into some sort of stepper cable strain relief if the wires are pulling out or it could be that they aren’t fully in the connectors.

Maybe try some Velcro or tape to hold the power supply and Gshield setup in a set location?

As for the drivers, work with your schools IT department (assuming they have one) to help fix that issue. It might be that the driver isn’t registering as installed across all users so every user needs to install it. That might be something Inventables needs to fix. You may have to see about a single account for running the Xcarve so you’re not always installing the driver.