My very first acrylic sign

I’m pleased how it turned out.
the electronics are in a pocket in the bottom of the base.
the black dot on the front is the eye.
the power plug is in the back side.
60° V bit.
80 IPM" width=“690” height=“388”>



Nice, What thickness did you use?

That’s 1/4 inch thick cast acrylic.

Great looking sign! Where is a good place to pick up some cast acrylic? Thanks

Hi Jan, nice sign. Glad you got your machine up and running.

I need to make a trip to Canal and see your set up.


I got the material from Laird plastics.
They have numerous locations around the country.

Good to hear from you.
Do you still have my phone number?

Well I guess you do.
I just got a text from you.

That is a great looking sign. What material is your base?

Thank you for the complement.
The base is a piece of oak.

My second acrylic sign.


Those stand offs are cool.
The wiring goes through the posts and into a pocket in the base.
I’m waiting for the female plugs to come so I can finish it up.

No, I still have problems with UGS shutting down.
I have the cable with chokes and the powered USB port, but if it has made any difference, its minimal.
I tried picsender and simply cannot make it work.
I’m sure its something that I’m not understanding, but it does nothing for me.
I’m kind of hoping to tryout Jon Glaser’s program when he gets it finished.

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Thank you.

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Very nice Jan, I like this design a lot.

Very cool implementation of the LED stand-offs :stuck_out_tongue: Slick.

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Thank you for the comments.
I’m quite proud of that sign.
My customer is impressed as well and expects to be buying them.

Where did you find the led disc’s

those are stand offs.
Check out “outwater” website

Just wondering, I don’t see why it would, but does the depth of cut affect the light levels, brightness or color saturation, or anything?

all you have to do is scratch the surface and the light will catch it.
some people on here go ~.010 deep and it looks great.
I did that also with good results, but on the round sign I went .035 deep.
I think that the perimeter stands out a little bit more because of the extra angled surface of the V bit.