My very first attempt at working with Corian

So far, I am pleased with e results.


Nice. Did you inlay with epoxy?

Its V carved, then painted with black paint, then sanded.
Corian cuts beautifully.

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Looks awesome, where did you get the Corian and what’s its thickness?

Its 1/2 inch thick and a leftover form when I did a kitchen remodel years ago.
Its one of those things where I just could bring myself to throw away the scrap.

hahaha we all those a pile of those! I really like the carve on it. I was planning on doing some planter box sign and this would be perfect. I will check my Lowes to see if they have this material and how much it would cost! thanks :slight_smile:

you might even ask them if they have any scrap that they want to get rid of.

That looks amazing, I would like to use that material but I don’t know what corian is


Corian is a brand of solid surface material created by DuPont. Its primary use is as a countertop/benchtop surface, though it has many other applications. It is composed of acrylic polymer and alumina trihydrate, a material derived from bauxite ore.

But isn’t that like stone ?

You would thing so, but its not.
A couple of other people on here have been working with it a lot longer that I have.
It cuts like butter and holds intricate detail exceptionally well.
I have had NO breakouts of fine detail.
I look forward to doing some more projects with it.

It looks pretty awesome, like to try it out. Will look for it here . B.t.w your Dutch right ?

I’ve had some success finding it (or the very similar LG Hi-Macs material) at my local Habitat For Humanity ReStore.

Ja, ik ben een hollandse jongen.

Ik ook. Woon sinds twee jaar in Miami

Look on E-bay. That’s where I get mine. They’re sink cutouts.

Where did you get the image?

I found the basic image on the web, then modified it.

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just an FYI I have found reasonably priced partial sheet and pieces of Corian and other solid surface materials at

Thank you for the information.
I will look into it.