My Waste board

Here are some pictures of the waste board my wife and I made for our x-carve that we built over the last 2 years.



Simply stated … Impressive.

To be honest we put a lot of time and money into it, if we are going to do anything that requires a cut thru we plan on placing a 1/4 piece of plywood underneath the piece we are cutting, this way the waste board doesn’t get all chewed up and needing replaced

hello the idea of ​​the angle is to give strength to the axis and when a cnc x carve for 1000 mm Y axis has a lot of flexibility the best way for me was this idea and my cuts are super nice and accurate

Yes perfect this is very good

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thanks any help or document or programs that I need, I have everything to cut in cnc I do not use easel use vectric aspire and candle cnc configured to 100x100 all automatic let me know and we share idea.

Its bolted down with over 150 screws that I grilled and tapped into 1/4 aluminum plate its flat

Phil’s point is that MDF will swell with environmental changes (primarily humidity).

With it swelling, it creates an unlevel surface and can cause uneven cuts.

Most people will regularly skim the surface of the wasteboard to make the wasteboard parallel/square to the spindle and have even cuts.

Your waste board looks great but over time, it may cause uneven cuts. Just something to be aware of.

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That mtmwood guy over on Youtube always simply screws everything in place. I assume every now and then he needs to swap out a hole-ridden wasteboard, but i have to say his method is slowly convincing me.

I can’t tell you how much I got bad or failed cuts bc of poor workholding on my part. Currently I use threaded inserts and clamps (similar to a T-slot based system I guess) but they can be a hassle too imho…

Next upgrade I’ll just screw a sacrificial board in place and call it a day


I use drywall screws for darn near everything.

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I use screws whenever I can. It is rock solid and my MDF wasteboard is fast to replace when it is too chewed up to use.

milling the wasteboard is essential to any cnc machine.