My work using the xcarve and UGS

Hello all
I just wanted to show some of the newer people the capabilities of the x-carve with my experience

The following photos are carved from white Mahogany (Australian hard wood)
They are cut using a 3mm end mill for roughing and a 2mm ball nose for finishing

I use a UGS because, I learnt that sometimes Easel gets bogged down with larger files.

Subject to the size, they take between 4-6 hours each, for both roughing and finishing carves.

Finish is organic oil, three coats

I purchase these 2.5D patterns off the internet



Nice work.
What are you using to create the tool paths?
May I ask why you are calling that 2.5d?
My understanding that is true 3d.

I use Vcarve desk top.
I could be wrong but, in my mind a 3d object is 360 degree carve.
This is not that , it’s a carve with humps and bumps so, therefore I think it should be 2.5d

Again I could be wrong


I’m very sure that many people have their own interpretation, and after many years in the business, I don’t want to get into a long winded conversation about 2D, 2.5D, and 3D.
3D work is the ability to control 3 axis X, Y,and Z at the same time.
3D work is exactly what you have there.
Very nice work

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Those are beautiful pieces. I can only hope to be able to get to that level someday.

@Kel. Wow! These are awesome

Thank you Joe and Phillip (PAWPAW)

Pawpaw, your video’s, on youtube, are more inspirational than, my work

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Very Nice!

Thank you Steve

I don’t often post here, but read this forum quiet often to steal ideas and get the creative juices flowing again.

But I also read the posts, where people don’t know how good the Xcarve really is, for a small hobbyist / business.
That’s why I posted these small group of pictures, to show, if you take your time and don’t push the machine too hard, its a great little machine.
The only alteration, from standard that I have done, is to raise the height of the spindle to allow thicker pieces of material to be machined.


I agree the X carve is a great machine, someday I want to make pieces like yours in this post, again great work there. Steve


Just wondering where you purchase the patterns from on the net?

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