My x axis end up 3/4 in to the right

So im having the issue of while its carving it starts to go off a little to the right i let it go a few time and each time when its done the x axis when it returns to home is about 3/4 of an inch to the right from where it started from the picture i have attached the cross with the circle is where it started and you can see after it was done and returned to home it was to the right of it, i thought maybe belts so i tighten and nothing i also noticed it had a little skip and one of the wheels stop moving and also notice its not cutting as deep on the left side.
I put up a video and picture

your Xcarve is yelling out!!! clean me and tighten up my v wheels and belts

Lmao i know i did all that but its still doing it

I would also inspect the belts for missing or damaged teeth as.

Youre loosing steps, this can be caused by a variety of things, loose belt even Excessive belt tension. Damaged belts, loose pulley, improperly tensioned excentric nut for the lower vwheels.

A design element just outside of the work area can cause a physical crash and a loss of steps, it would only be 3/4" outside since thats how far off your ending point is vs the starting origin.

Theres a lot of possible reasons for this issue, your going to have to try to systematically rule each of them out until it all of the sudden works properly again.

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