My x-axis is not moving and is shuttering

I have switched the x and y to see if it was the board or wiring and it does the same thing. So it has to be the motor

Here is a video to show everyone what happens

Any help would be appreciated

Have you checked the belt?

It looks like the pulley is spinning from the clip. Can you confirm? If the pulley is spinning it will rub the belt ribs down.

Assuming that side of the belt isn’t missing ribs I would think it is a tension issue. Is the belt tension set correctly?



Check the set screw on the gear. It’s probally slipping and not catching

I thought the gears were pressed on now and not using a set screw?

Also the gear is not moving so the belt is not stripped

Can I see it from the back? It’s kind of hard to see the shaft from the front.

They will have either one or two set screws that attach them to the motor shaft. U can always look at the back side the motor to see if the shaft is spinning. If it is then the gear is slipping on the shaft just tighten the screw and u should be good to go

Ok I hooked it up his morning and it started to work normally then after a little bit it started to do the same thing.

The shaft is not moving when making the noise. So it’s not the gear that needs to be tightened

Not sure what to do now.

I guess I’ll call inventables tomorrow

I don’t know, but…I had tried someone’s recommended “stiffening mod” in between the extrusions running along the x-axis, and the added material seemed to bow out the extrusions by just a haaair, and that seemed to be enough to seize up the x-axis, until I removed the mod. (to be fair, that was without re-adjusting all the v-wheels)

From the video It sounds like kind of like the motor is “slipping” from not getting enough current to move. But it seems to have extra rattle sounds to it.
It could be a lose wire. I would double check all your connections. Also take a close look at the wire connector on the motor. I know someone who had that style of connector (as opposed to the hard wired version) had the pins inside the motor overheat and melt.
You may just have a bad motor :frowning:

As far as I can tell it can really only be 3 things.

V wheels too tight.
Belt slipping / damaged
Motor slipping / broken.