My x-axis still don´t move

I must say that my patience is at the limit
I’m disappointed in Inventables because I have not received help
my x-axis does not want to go as I tell it to do,
that is to say, when I try to run it with the arrows in the Easel
it´s only moves back and forth approximately 1-1.5mm
back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.
I have tried to adjust the pots , but it has not effect

So I start to think that it is thrown out of money. And if I do not get any help
with this, I can not recommend x-carve to my friends
here in Sweden

But I still hope hope for help

Please, please please

Kristian / Sweden

Check your wiring…it sounds like you didn’t swap the wires on the Y-Axis motors.

Does it move in any direction when the keys are pressed?

The X axis is the one that moves the spindle left and right. Is that the axis you are having trouble with?

The Y axis moves the spindle forward and back. Does this axis work properly?

The Z axis moves the spindle up and down. Does this axis work properly?

I checked the cables couple of days ago, and in my opinion they was ok
the axis trying to move but it only moves 1-1.5 mm forward and back.

The y-axis and the z-axis is moving ok

So moving the gantry forward and back? That is the Y-Axis motors. The wires on one side should be swapped otherwise the two motors are fighting each other and they do exactly what you are describing. Can you post a picture of the two motor connections…the left side and the right side as you are facing the front of the machine.

The Y-axis and the Z-axis moves ok
but not the x-axis
the axis that goes from left to right over the workspace
The y-axis goes forward and back
and the z-axis going up and down

Am I wrong ?

Yes Larry
It´s the X-axis

The Y and Z-axis work fine so far… :smiley:

ok, the X-Axis…with the machine powered off, does the axis freely move left to right?

Yes sir.

Your wiring for the X-Axis looks like the attached picture?

From left to right…

X-Axis motor:

Red, Blue, Green Black

Wire to controller:

Red, White, Green Black

Hang on, I´ll go out to my workshop for a minute and try to get a picture

About to go to a meeting…sorry, I am at work…I’ll be back later, but maybe someone else can pick up from here…

At the controller (either X-controller or gShield or other) swap the wires between the X axis and the Y axis for a test.

Connect the wire from the X axis motor to the Y axis driver at the controller.
Connect the wire from the Y axis motor to the X axis driver at the controller.

Does your problem stay the same, or does the problem move to the Y axis?

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PLease Larry
Tell me what´s the driver at the controller

I´m sorry to be an newbe here

X-controller or gShield?

It seems you didn’t swap one wire. After reading the other issues you had, why you didn’t ordered the Carvey?

X-Carve is a kit and it needs some minimal skills (like knowing how to read) and patience, Inventables has none to do with that part. I have assembled several similar kits and the one from Inventables is superb.

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Erik (or someone else)

The instructions show them to the z-axis must
be left.
Is it wrong ?