My X-Carve fold down table build (Its home location)

Here is a fold down table to house my 1000mm X-Carve I have

While I wait for delivery I found Steve Carmichaels fold
down table plans and wanted to make my own.

I did a few things different and wanted to show the process
I used to make it, Take a look.

Watch the video.



Well done! Consider painting it black to match the X-Carve now. We need to be able to tell the difference between the two tilting tables. :wink: Maybe backlight the vinyl logo… Then some storage… Then a folding enclosure…

That looks very nice…well done.

Are you planning to tilt up the X-Carve with the table or store it else where? I’m looking at a ceiling lift table to save more space but a folding table would be sufficient. To really save space and make it more stable the table top would need to be offset from the center of the feet to locate the center of mass (including the X-Carve) over the center of the base.