My X-Carve is coming .. My X-Carve is coming

Just got a shipping notification from Inventables, my order ships today!!!

I’m in the Chicago area so I’m HOPING I’ll get my order tomorrow.

Time to take the rest of the week off…

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Congrats and welcome to the club. Take your time with the build, you’ll thank yourself later.

Me too! I am in Atlanta though so it is projected to get here Friday. Good luck with the assembly.

@JonathanTorrell Thanks! I haven’t even had a chance to clear a space for it, so undoubtedly I’ll be making a table before any of the boxes are opened…

@chasebean Good luck to you as well! I’ve already assembled the X-Controller (it came last week), so I’m feeling pretty good about familiarity with the Inventables documentation, however, that said, definitely take your time

@ChaseBean welcome to you as well. I’m also in the Atlanta area (Smyrna).