My X Carve is not starting at the correct X/Y position

Good morning Everyone! Brian here from Houston, Texas.

Hopefully someone can help me out. I am super new to the CNC world and my lego is not there quite yet so hopefully someone can support me and really dumb this down for me.

So every-time I try to start my carve machine for the X/Y/Z before the carve starts everything goes pretty well but the X/Y is off. When I press carve after doing the manual and Z-Probe calibration before the carve the in-craving starts outside of the workspace by about 1-2 inches.

I read a couple articles where individuals have brought up the machine inspector and getting the work position to start at 0 but no luck doing this.

Any help would be well appreciated or if someone lives in Houston that is will to come by and support I would appreciate that too.

Are you homing your machine first?

Where are you zeroing the X & Y positions? Typically with the X-Carve, you will zero the X & Y at the lower left corner of your stock.


Brandon Parker

How do I home my machine? I may being doing not sure.

I am zeroing at the spot where the circle is where the Y and X axis meet.

Do you have your material in that corner? You want the home position to be the bottom left corner of your material.
When you go through the steps and it asks you, do you want to set your home position? Make sure the router is over the bottom left corner of your material, not the mark on the wasteboard.


1 - Easel have changed terminology, it now ask “Use new position
This is the point you want to use as work zero, by default lower left corner of material to be carved.

2 - Work zero can be anywhere within the reachable space of your machine. The machine is clueless as to where the XY0 point on the spoil board is :slight_smile:

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@BrandonR_Parker I actually managed to figure it out.

I started from the beginning with the instructions and went step for step and I noticed I assembled a couple things in correctly and now it works like a charm!

Thank you!

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That “wasteboard zero” is a meaningless point. There are “2 zeros”, there is the machine zero - what you get after running the homing sequence with the limit switches, but since you can place your stock anywhere within the machine envelope. So next you need to tell the machine where the x-y origin of the stock is. That is the one you set in easel/whatever, (called the work coordinate system). That is a relative offset to the machine zero. So essentially if your home is off, the offset to the work coordinate system is off. So it critical to get both set. I generally check the xy zero with a G0 X0Y0, which will rapid the machine to the origin spot most often the bottom left but corresponds to the origin of the easel drawing. When you rapid to the origin make sure the z is high enough not to smash through your stock/clamps. cncjs has a button to run this exact command.

Thank you for the details but I figured it out already :slight_smile: