My X-Carve - One year later

Hi everyone,

So first of all, after a year of owning my X-carve I am happy to say that I am overall very satisfied, and it meets my expectations. I knew this was an entry-level machine but I still wanted it to work allright, and it did. So far my machine paid up for itself in contracts I did with my woodworking shop, so obviously I am very pleased with that.

So my question is, for next year, what should I look out for in terms of maintenance? I didn’t do anything to the machine since I bought it. I wouldn’t say I used it intensively, it’s staying off most of the time, sometimes I use it for a full day or two. I don’t use it for metal mostly soft wood and I try to be conservative with the chip size and speed.

So should I oil something? What is the first piece that is most likely to need a change up? any advices on maintenance?

Thank you in advance for your replies.


The only maintenance that the X-Carve needs is just regular inspection, there’s certainly nothing that need oiling or replacement, perhaps brush replacement in the router/spindle. Check that all nuts/bolts/screws are tight, that the belts are properly tensioned and not worn. Checking the alignment of the Z axis once in a while is probably a good idea, especially if like me, you’ve managed to drive a 1/4" bit into the spoil-board while setting the Z axis height :wink:

Some ideas