My Xcarve 1000 setup

Aloha everyone just thought I’d show you my setup. Here in Hawaii space is hard to come by some I built a box to hold my Xcarve 1000mm unit. Was using my notebook everytime I would need to use the unit only it was taking like 20 to 30 minutes to setup all the time so I purchase a Dell inspiron i3050 computer came with keyboard and mouse $149.00 and mount that in the box. Also had a extra monitor so I mounted that on the lid. Purchase a DBPOWER video camera also from amazon $23.00 and mounted that on the dewalt 611 so now AI can watch the carving ether on the screen. I also like to have the power supply on the outside of the box when running so I got some connectors used in PC for Floppy drives (molex) and cut the cable and now I just plug and unplug the unit. The box also make it easy to hang all my tools needed.


sorry here are some pictures