My z axsis didn't cut through materials

my x carve didn’t cut more than 2mm i tried all slotion and i think its some wrong in g code ($000) that controling z axsis can you help me

Can you jog the Z axis up and down without issue? Does it move the amount you tell it to?

How are you setting Z zero?

Can you share the gcode?

1- no it move less than 10mm i Measure it move 1mm
2- manually
3- now i cant but i will share it when i get back to my workshop

the g code

No, that is not gcode - that is your GRBL parameter value list.
Still relevant for your issue I suspect but we need to clarify a thing first:

  • If you command a 10mm jog on Z up or down, is the measured distance = commanded distance?

no its not , I measured it and its goes 1mm

Does your DIP switch for the Z match the one below (I would recommend turning 4 off on all, but that’s for a different reason). You should have 1 & 3 OFF and only 2 ON.

Then your microstep settings and $102 value need to be adressed as there is a mismatch.

What is your machine? Xcarve, 3018, or what? This will help determining where to look at first :slight_smile: