My Zero Jig Design

Hey guys and gals,

I designed this zero jig in fusion360 and figured I would share it with everyone.

Here it is!

This gives you a 90 degree angle to push square stock into and allows you to easily clamp the piece using cam style clamps.

I will also eventually locate the center of that circle in terms of machine coordinates. Which will then allow me to set all my setups in fusion360 to the bottom left corner and already know the zero position. This jig can be useful for 2 sided machining as well as long as your stock is square or can be held in a 90 degree wedge.

I cut the whole thing with an 1/8" endmill including the counter sinks. Then I used a 1/4" drill bit in order to drill the mounting holes out with a drillpress. I found button head machine screws at my local truevalue. The heads sit on top just barely when I first threaded them in, but after I started them I used a torque driver to sink them in.



I did this for awhile on my machine but found the cam style clamps wouldnt hold the material flat against the waste board

Also a tip, home your machine, then keep track of the distances you need to jog the machine to get to your intended 0,0 point.
Then all you need to do from then on is home the machine and move the x and y those distances or better yet to those coordinates and your set

What cam style clamps did you use?

Tried a couple different ones i found on the inventables site