MySweety 3020 SpoilBoard

I purchased this MySweety 3020 CNC fairly recently and have been looking for a SpoilBoard pattern / file so I can cut my SpoilBoard but I haven’t been able to find one. Anyone have any thoughts or Link(s)?

designing one in Easel shouldn’t be too difficult. you’d just need to take a bunch of measurements and then place corresponding shapes into their correct positions… Just make it from MDF and surface it to make the top PARALLEL to the spindle plane of movement… Ohh and Check out the3018 playlist on YouTube from James Dean Designs channel… very good info for a beginner rocking a 3018.

Hi! Me also in kind´f similar situation, 3018proveer. It is doable DIY, I did that. Result: Don´t try it, (even doable), just buy it for about $20 for the 3018. Con´s with DIY: you have to take in concideration of soo…o many details if you DIY. To get it absolutely “plane?, levelled”, and futhermore: on BOTH sides, Gee. Pro´s with a bought one: Not those Con´s of your DIY.

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