Name Plaque holder

I am trying to create one of these.

Its complicated but I do not need it to be this fancy. Just practical for creating it out of wood and slotted for the name plate that slides into it.
Any ideas how I can create one of these on the X-Carve?
I do have a bit to do the slots. however I would have to maybe do it in 2 parts and join them is what I was thinking.

cnc’ing is about problem solving.

I don’t understand how you are not experimenting instead of asking for a ready-made answer

Because sometimes you just want to get it done, rather than try to reinvent the wheel.

Artists have been using wood glue and multiple parts for centuries; making joints seamless.
Don’t be afraid to glue multiple pieces together to get what you need.
Think about how you could build it by hand, and than see if a CNC machine can truly improve it.
If you are making a desk mounted version, than an upper slot is may not be necessary.
Why even need a bottom slot?
A ledge could hold the name plate in fine with some light duty double sided tape.
If you are serious about the slots, pocket out out a rectangle and then glue two strips of good to the top and bottom.
Maybe even use contrasting wood.

As others have said, a CNC has limits and often isn’t the best tool for a job. If you have to use it though, one way would be to make a shape like this:

… then either cut out a WHOLE BUNCH of them and laminate (glue) them together or just cut out 3 or 4 of them and connect them with wood dowels or thin pieces of wood.


This would be a redesign, but I think it would look quite nice in wood.

Could you create it in three parts? First being just the “tray” section that the name plate fits into. The other two would be clips/stands that sort of grasp the nameplate to the tray while also acting as a support structure.

Clips something like this:

EDIT: haha…Nam, you beat me to it. I came back from drawing mine out, and there was your pic.

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I have been experimenting.
I have one nearly exact but the curved back area is a bit tricky.
I am not a machinist by trade so I come before the gurus for help.

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I have a bit that will do the slotted areas.
That much I have figured out. Its the sloped back and I would need a clever jig to enable me to use a bit to cut out the area. I am looking for clever holding ideas. The rest I can figure out.

Quick Idea, do it in 3 sections, 4 (or more) parts

The frame rails, the back piece and the stand leg(s)
Here is a very crude easel sketch up:

The “rails” are glued down and the back legs glued and or screwed with countersunk holes so the name plate can slide over.

As an option you could carve into the back support so there is something there even without a name plate.

You could easily make this with traditional tools, but the point isn’t to just make it. But to make it using the XC :wink:

Gluing together a lot of profile cut pieces is nice if you find a wood with a good end grain. One tip is to put a hole in the cross section so you can line them all up on a dowel. It makes the final alignment much easier.

If you’re good with cutting those slots, hollow out the rectangle first, then cut the slots. Then sand the base to give you your angle. 1" thick material should provide plenty of angled base to support the piece. You could do four at once out of a long piece of 1" thick wood. Cut them down to the appropriate length. Then, you can round the back top corner as well or even grind it down. Here is a bad pic of what I am talking about.

kind of what I was thinking in a way.
Just wanted to see if I could get that slope down the back after flipping it and angling the part enough to get a rounded bit in there to cut the rest. I will have to come up with a jig. I wanted to know what others have done. Usually gives me a good spark of an idea.
I will post how I do it later.
I will not be able to work with the system for a week as its in a location remote from where I work.
Still working on trying to locate a house with a garage.

i agree, although a combination of cnc/manual could give the best results

I made an effort to 3d print one.
It would have been great however I forgot about the squashing of the material and my end measurements are off. The name plate will not fit. I will have to take a saw or blade to open up the track a bit. :slight_smile:
The CNC would not make this sort of issue.

Just had an epiphany on this and using the Xcarve. :smiley: I will post my results after some testing.
Due to the fact that I work 200 miles away from my machine I will not be able to do much with it this weekend. I am not going to be at the place where its located. I hate living in 2 places… Have to do it for now. Once I can get a house with a garage I will be a wealth of ideas for you all. I get them all the time and I know I do not have time to do them all myself.

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