Name Preview Issue

name issue.pdf (390.1 KB)

First time poster, Long time watcher. Just got my machine and was trying to create a name
logo to put on a cutting board but it doesn’t show show up in preview completely. I have set a fishtail down cut spiral 1/16 for the bit, board size 16.875 x 5.5 x .755. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Also where do find downloadable designs.
Chris - Michigan

I would say if only part of it shows in simulation then your bit is to large to cut everything. Try a smaller bit or a vbit and see what it shows.Also welcome to the forums.

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Thanks WayneHall

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Another thing that got me with the preview is that sometimes a shallow cut hardly shows. Just select the cut, change the depth to make it look “brighter” in preview, then of course remember to change it back to the correct depth.