Names and SKU's of bits in Starter Set shipped with X-Carve

I am unable to find one of the 1/8" spiral bits w/ flat head that shipped with the Starter Kit on the inventables site. Can anyone help with the links or the SKU’s of the bits included in that set? Most interested in the bits that cut 1/8".


It sounds like you are describing a standard 2 flute end mill. go to Enco for all of your end mill needs.



“drillman1” on eBay is also a good source of nice quality mill and drill bits at pretty reasonable prices.

(sorry @Zach_Kaplan, sometimes I spend money with other vendors too :smiley: )


@TimothyHanson @DavidSohlstrom Thanks very much guys. This is helpful, but with all the options these sites are daunting when you don’t understand yet what type of bit/spiral/edging is what you are looking for.
Can you help explain whether there a difference between bits by the shape/type of spiral? The one that came in the kit was spiraled, and had a ‘ribbon’ like look to the bit as it spiraled down. Is this the type of bit I should be using? Or more like the ones you are suggesting with a standard looking bit shape. These remind me of roto-zip bits.
Which would be good for cutting wood, plywood, MDF?
Any and all help appreciated!