Naylor's projects

I wanted a folder like everyone, because all of them are getting lost on my phone. Here’s some I’ve done over the last year.



you work looks great. are you in indiana? thanks Wayne

Thank you, but No Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. My buddy was from Indiana but loved the bears

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just thought i would ask thought you might be a neigbor. nice work though.

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Let’s Gooooo Mountaineers!

(my wife made me say it)

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@SeanNaylor I’m assuming that you don’t actually live in Pittsburgh, as that’s what I tell people too because it’s close enough and they understand generally where I’m at. So where are you specifically? I’m in Jefferson Hills.

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Ohh awesome! Yeah I live in Greensburg. I’m originally from belle Vernon.

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Really nice work.

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I’m back! @JeffTalbot told me I was working too hard on the forum and graciously gave me a 3 day break. So in that time I did some work and finished up some more projects


It’s not a suspension but a “creativity fostering leave of absence”.

There should be a pre-condition to come off of a forum suspension, you need 1 project per day suspended!


Maybe we need to add that to the guidelines :joy: