Near miss fire. Dont do this

Left my xcarve unattended, and one of the vectors mysteriously had changed itself to full material depth. So the bit and collet started a fire after awhile pushing down into the wood. Luckily. I came out to check on it in time, or id be posting to the insurance forum. Just thought I’d share a fail to help others avoid it.

Ouch! Glad you noticed in time

It’s good you caught it before more a more serious problem occurred. But your experience speaks loudly for the installation and use of limit switches IMHO, which might have prevented what did happen.

I have just yesterday finished installing full limit switches on my S2, and seeing your post has me now planing to make the lower Z limit trip point adjustable.

Thanks for sharing.


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Limit switches won’t help if a bit works loose.

The machine must be monitored when in operation. This is non-negotiable, and failing to do so is negligent and reckless and irresponsible.

We could use our machines more and talk about them less if everyone would follow the Operating Checklist:

If I only had all the extra hours to stand and watch it! life would be great…

Lengthy safety discussion here:

Where the poster notes knowing a person who lost their home to a CNC-caused fire.

If the project isn’t important enough to attend to and monitor and ensure safety, it’s not important enough to send to the machine.

I appreciate your dedication to safety, Keep it positive! The post was already a precautionary tale.

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all better