Near the end: Last minute wiring tips

Hello everyone!

After a week of slowly assembling I finally built the the X-Carve work-bench today so I can go on the last step: The electronic wiring.

First of all I want to thank @LarryM for his help on one of my previous post.

Now, I need to do all the electronic wiring, and as he (LarryM) suggested I have not wired the spindle wire as I have the DeWalt 611 and I guess I have to ‘control’ it manyally.(Right?)

Anyway, pretty much is easy to make those job (at least from instruction), but I’ve seen a vid of NewBrit Workshop where the guy had a problem running the program and may have deleted ‘something’ and had to reconfigure it. Since I do not want those kind of problem, there’s some tips I have to follow to make things right? I think I’m good assembling stuff but really unlucky with electronic things.

P.s. Talking about the DeWalt 611 router, how I will set the spindle speed etc? As a ‘separate’ unit I guess I cannot let the program run the spindle, right?


Hi Angus,

thanks for the advice. I guess I’ll buy the switch when I will re-build the machine to apply some mod like the Y axis stiffening and some other thing I have in mind.

Your answer also let me think that I have made all my wiring (at least for the moment) correctly, so I can proceed with the electronic tomorrow (12PM here in Italy).

I need to build a separate housing for the electronic unit because as a full time guitar builder (though I will not let the machine ‘cut’ any guitar for the moment, just MDF templates and other wood stuff), and dust is something that I’m really worried about

This one is pretty cool too. You can plug your router and dust collection in and have them come on at the same time. There are a few guys on here using them.

All those things are amazing, but I’m really not a ‘tech guy’ I should ask someone to make me the job, because as I said I’m pretty good with assembling but electronic things are not my cup of tea!

To turn my Dewalt on and off, I simply mounted a wall outlet to the side of my table and plugged the Dewalt in to it. The power to the outlet is controlled by a standard light switch. Quick and simple to do.


I am using the same relay from Amazon to turn my Dewalt on and off with G-code. Fairly simple to wire and is very nice to just add the spindle start and stop in the gcode.

Bought the powered relay to hook up and automatically turn on/off the Dewalt. Haven’t wired it yet. Still getting used to using G-Code. But for the time being I’m just using a inexpensive wireless remote controlled outlet switch. Comes in a pack of three and is handy to turn other stuff on/off with the touch of a small remote button.

I have just completed the electronic wiring.

To be honest I still have to solder the limit switch and wire them into the control unit. But I just can’t wait to see if everything is ok so I will solder them later and also set the motor corrent if everything work properly.

Hope for the best!


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