Nearly finished then xcarve started cutting ofset

i got to 73% complete and when the xcarve came down to start a deeper pass it started it 10mm lower and wrecked the whole project.this was my first experiance with my new machine and would like to know if anybody knows what happened so i dont waste another 4 hours.
thanks dan

10mm lower as in 10mm on the Y axis?

If this is the case you will want to do the following:

  • check for the right tightness on all of your V-Wheels adjusting the eccentric nuts as needed.
  • check that your belt tension is the same and that the belts aren’t slipping
  • check all of the set screws on the pulleys and make sure they are all there and tight
  • adjust the voltage that is going to the Axis that is slipping (probably the Y-axis) following the instructions below:
  • slightly adjust the Y potentiometer by turning it clockwise by a small amount until the Y-axis moves smoothly at rapid speeds (link when moving a long distance while Z is retracted on a large job)
  • Do not over-torque these pots - they are tiny and gentle and will break. The pots have 270 degrees of rotation.

See here for more detail:

Edit: The pots are usually set at 50% and I just had to tweak mine to maybe 60%