Neck pocket inaccuracy

so, i have a neck pocket designed in Easel. It measures 56mm in width at the heel…
When i cut it out, it comes out at 55mm even.

before you ask:
I have calibrated my steppers to within .25 mm over a 600mm span in both x and y. My bit is a Freud “1/4” that actually measure 6.2mm, which is what i use as my bit diameter.
it cuts as pretty, clean and smooth as you’d like… just not wide enough.
i’ve considered a workaround of scaling it up by a MM in easel and seeing where it lands, but it seems like a bandaid approach.

It’s perfectly symmetrical, and flawless all the way down to 11/16 depth. I’m thinking if it was steps there’d be some anomalies around the perimeter, or something. I’m taking small bites, 40ipm 1.1mm doc. Brand new, crazy sharp bit

Sounds like a tool deflection issue to me.

could be. ran the same cut a few minutes later in 3/4" MDf and it was perfect. Guess
I’ll slow it down some when i try it again

What you can do is to run a separate finish pass, the load on the tool is much lighter and deflection is not much less of an issue :slight_smile: