Ned help identifying all these woods

I bought some bulk wood and need some help figuring out what all of it is. Thanks in advance for all the help.

You have the easy ones-

  1. red oak
  2. aromatic cedar

Then guesses
4) quilted maple
8) Teak
6) walnut
2) pine

Sorry it’s out of order I was writing as looking, the picture isn’t good enough for the rest.

Picture 1 is a better photo of #8 as that is the one we are having the most trouble with, we cannot seem to find it in our book

7 is the cedar

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I got it from A guy on Amazon, it shipped from Wisconsin

It looks a little like the Mozambique veneer I got from ebay. The picture shows lighter than the actual.

The first picture looks like palm (#8 in the second pic).

EDIT: oops…I see Bob already identified that one.

I wonder if that is from Ocooch Hardwoods. They are out of WI and sell these type of bundles.

#8 might be Wenge wood.

I just checked and it was from Woodchuck’s Wood

I agree. That looks like wenge. I have used it quite a bit on my v-carved dice boxes.