Need 36" of cutting capacity on Y

Hi - I have a stock 1000 X-Carve, and my next venture is going to require at least 36"/915mm Y axis capacity. I’m thinking I’ll just add on some makerslide along with the stiffeners I’ve already ordered…

But I also want to keep the footprint as small as possible. So, will adding 200mm makerslide give me enough, or will I need 500mm lengths to get the capacity I need?

I’m not sure how much overage to account for. Any help would be much appreciated!

You have about 31" of Y-axis movement now. 200mm/25.4 will add appx 7.75"

Look into tiling the workpiece and you will not have to expand the axis. You can tile with V-Carve and I am sure other software. You essentially cut a portion, slide the workpiece and cut the rest. I have done a few pieces on mine this way.


If possible, you could cut on the diagonal. Just rotate the piece 45 degrees. More room that way.

@RyanNeuman. I do tiling quite often. This project was about 40” long. Take a look

I have tiled up to 80" long work pieces, with a good guide/pilot holes to maintain alignment its quite easy :slight_smile: