Need a few measurments real quick

Hey guys need a few measurments real quick if someone is willing.

  1. I need the actual Max x and y values from center of spindle and relative to the edge of wasteboard.(x should be the same but y should not). Workable area.

  2. I also need the max depth the z carriage travels relative to the x makerslide(bottom to bottom of each at full depth).
    Even better would be if someone who has the dewalt spindle measure from bottom of x-makerslide to the tip if the spindle.
    Thanks in advance…

  1. 800 mm side to side, 820 mm front to back on XY travel,
  2. X carriage to waste board is 65 mm.
    Your last question depends on your Spindle and/or installation of the spindle/router.
    Maximum Z carriage distance is 85 mm.

This gives you 800 X 820 X 60 mm work area.

Thanks alan, that helps but I still need a measurement from the edge of the waste board to the edge cut the workable surface if possible. Also alan is the z carriage distance you gave from bottom of x-rail to bottom of spindle mount? That is the measurement im looking for.

As I told you, that changes with your spindle insert. You can push spindle more or less into spindle holder. Idealy bottom of the X carriage and colette would be about 3.5 / 4 cm to clear high piece you work on after install your bit.
For the distance between waste board and work space, You do the math. Board size is 1000 X 1000. Work area is 800 X 820. What would be left on it?

I realize there will be slight differences with the spindle relative to the mount, i just want a rough (with in a1/4 to 1/2 inch) measurement of the distance between bottom of z carriage to bottom of x rail that’s it, should be pretty easy.

I suppose a measurement from the stock waste board to the collect at full depth would work as well as long as the collet doesn’t hit the wasteboard, (I don’t know if it will go low enough to hit the wasteboard) if it does then I would need the original measurement I asked for.

Secondly I realize the work space in x will be the same offset from the edge of the waste board but it will not be for y, the workable space is not centered on the waste board so there will be a much larger area of unusable space in the back of the machine then the front, If I had either one of those two measurements from the max y value to the wasteboard edge I would be good to go.