Need a How-To for rounding both sides

Ok, so here is a question for everyone.

I have a 3in by 24in piece of 1 in oak on the deck. And all I want to do is round a corner.

From place marker 0,0 I want it to curve to the right with a 3inch radius and end up at 3,3 (in inches). I would like to be able to flip the piece over and do the same to the other side.

How would this be done?

I don’t recall seeing a way to draw a portion of a circle. In this case just a LINE for the tool path to follow. In this case the radius would need to take into consideration the cutting bit thickness and be adjusted slightly bigger.


Draw the circle and give it the depth you want and to keep it simple use two boxes set to fill and then place them over the other 3 quarters of the circle (the bit that you don’t want). Then set the depth of those boxes to zero. Et voila!

Draw you full circle, make it to the diameter required and cut depth as seen fit.
Make two squared, set depth to zero and use these to “block” away the circle you dont need.
Choose all and Combine => one object that is a partial circle.