Need a little help

I cut a lot of parts for a guy that makes Star Trek stuff. I have around 25 files with 1 item each on them and would like to combine some of them into 1 file. In other words maybe put 3 or 4 item on 1 piece to cut instead of 1 item each. They are all easel files but i can not figure out how to transfer from 1 file to another. Maybe it can not be done but any help would be nice. Thanks

Should be able to Copy and Paste. Have you tried that?

Tried that and could not get it to work. It would copy but when i went to the other file to paste nothing.

In the file tab, there is a “Download ZIP” selection. Download all of the pieces and then import them back into one file

I will give that a try. Thanks

I just tried it on mine and it worked fine, to make sure we are on the same page you do mean you have several different projects in Easel with one item in each project correct? I just opened a previous project and copied it then opened a new project and pasted it.

That is what i want to do but when i went to paste it in the file with another drawing alraed there it would not paste. I will try it again. Thanks

There is no paste when i go to the other file.

I got it James i was trying to copy and paste with the right side of the mouse. You need to copy and paste thru easel. Thanks Wayne

Oh Ok, glad you got it to work.

Thanks for the help.