Need Advise on which cnc to get

i have a budget of £1500-£2000 will be doing mostly hard wood inlays and maybe the occasional aluminum (not inlay of course).

Why not? Business opportunity.:sunglasses:

LarryM Any recommendations

You really need to be more specific with what you want to achieve.
Doing it for fun?
Doing it for earning spending cash?
Aspiring full time gig?

What size of projects do you intend to do, small or large?
Thin only or thick stock?

Want to build/assemble & tinker or get a turn-key system?

Thanks Haldor ,
I already make end grain cutting boards and sell quite a few, but I’m looking to upgrade to inlays , I already have a dewalt router to use with a CNC but will upgrade to a water cooled spindle once I have learned how to use v- carve desktop which I will buy with CNC ,

I use hard woods , oak , sepeily etc.

So it’s mainly for inlays

Having had my share of smaller machines over the last 10-12 years, It boils down to do you want industrial quality or hobbiest quality? Industrial quality provides you with weight, rigidity, repeatability, accuracy, speed, and less down time fiddling with the machine. Industrial quality costs twice what hobbiest quality does. You’d be looking at a 5000 dollar system to start these days. That gets you supported linear guides, antibacklash screws, metal framing, high torque motors, etc. Entry level/ hobbiest machines can provide some of these things very well, but they are a compromise. I’ve probably spent $10K over the years trying to achieve accuracy and still haven’t found it. In retrospect, I should have saved up and spent that amount of money once. Of course hindsight is 20-20. :slight_smile:

This is what I think a machine should look like with other companies providing similar architecture.

thanks Martin , im looking for the best hobby cnc i can get with my budget of £1500-£2000 i know there will be compromises against a industrial unit .