Need guidance

I have a very specific piece of wood that I need to carve a very specific picture into. My question is that once I get the piece of wood clamped down on the machine, how you I set the X and Y axis in the proper spot for the image to carve?? The image takes up the majority of the surface area on the wood. I only have 1 shot to get this right or I am hosed on the project that is paying good money.

Depending on the image you are trying to carve onto the slab i would set the image x,y zero to the center of the image then draw a box on the slab covering the area you want to carve and find the center of that box mark it then set machine zero to that. Measure the box and you have your dimensions for Easel or whatever program you are using.


That should work as long as I double and triple check everything. Thanks for the advice.

I hope this makes sense,
I would first make a drawing of the slab, I traced your picture in CorelDraw

Then use a piece of MDF and cut an outline into the MDF so I know exactly where I need to put my piece of wood. It doesn’t have to be deep maybe .02. Just enough so you know where to put the slab.

Put a square around the outline so you can set the home position.


that’s WAAAAAAAAY better than my idea!

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I agree with Russell; that’s how the pros do it. (I have a client that uses CD to drive his lasers.)

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