Need height of XC to suspend from ceiling!

I have built a torsion box to support the XC and want to suspend it from the ceiling to keep it out of the when not being used. I need to know the height of the XC when fully elevated in the Z axes. I hope to use an electric cable hoist to raise it and lower it when I wish to use it or move it out of the way. Not sure if I have enough height. Can anyone tell me the maximum of the 1,000 X 1,000 mm XV so I can calculate the distance from the top of the machine’s heighest point to the bottom of the pulley I will use to suspend the cable?
Thank you very much.

I measure mine at 370mm. This is with the Z axis fully up against the homing switch.
I’m using a Makita router, it might be different for the De Walt.

Thank you, Geoff! I should have mentioned that I am using the Dewalt router. I hope someone else can give me that measurement, as well. Thanks for going to the trouble to measure it for me. Much appreciated!!

Unfortunately, due to an entropy increase in the garage locale (e.g. too much crap stacked under it at the moment), I can’t lower mine down to measure it.
However, I’ll give you some advice that you didn’t ask for anyway :grinning:, I purchased the Racor ceiling lift from Amazon (If you aren’t US then it’s probably way overpriced) and have been very happy with it. It comes with a manual crank and an adapter to use your drill/driver to raise and lower it. I’ve been quite happy with this setup.