Need help adjusting this vector before I test it tonight!

Hey guys I have been working on this vector for quite some time in illustrator and easel. I’m very new at illustrator and its taking me twice the time to finish this. Check out the link

My problem is the 4 N S W E triangles I want them outlined and pocketed, so I drew two vectors to solve that. But now I have red lines on the outlined spots. I have shared my project if anyone can give me a tip or if you know a quick fix you can just go there and fix it for me. I want the border to be pocketed and the 4 cardinal triangles pocketed but at two different depths. I also want the middle to be filled, and the rest to just be outlined. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

The red lines on the 3D preview are just there because your vectors are touching each other at different heights. When you click “show toolpaths” they look just fine.

However, I would suggest converting anything you want to carve all the way out as a pocket into outlines. Pockets take forever to carve out and if you’re doing a 100% depth, it’s just a waste of time and wear and tear on the machine to turn all that wood to dust when if you just cut an outline you can pick the middle piece out.

It won’t let me make changes to your shared file so I saved a new one with the pockets converted to outlines here:

Hope this helps!

man that helps so much! Thank you. I didn’t take into consideration how much longer it would take if I fill everything.